Security BSides London, the UK’s biggest community-driven infosec conference is happy to announce its 8th iteration open to all regardless of background, skill level, income or job-title.  
  • Doors to the main event open at 8.30am with talks starting at 9am on 6 June 2018
  • Workshops will be held on 5 June 2018 starting at 10am; Pre-registration is required
Please remember that Security BSides London has a strict code of conduct available here.


Mike (@mikeghacks), Director of INSINIA Security, started life as a “hacker” before he had hit his teens. Mike has a professional background in Electro-technical / Electro-mechanical Engineering and almost 20 years’ experience in building and breaking computers.

Mike offers a unique perspective when it comes to varied and multi-vector attacks and is regarded as one of the UK’s most capable multi-skilled Cyber Security Specialists, gaining notoriety in the Cyber Security industry for using elements of different skills, both on hard and soft surfaces, to carry out highly technical and often highly intricate electronic attacks.

One of these attacks includes hacking Costco’s high security Sentry display safe with nothing more than a magnet and a sock!
 Mike works as a Cyber Security contributor for the BBC, LBC, Channel 4 and was the Ethical Hacker who discovered the TalkTalk and O2 data breach stories.

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